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    Good Medical Researcher Network
    MedicReS Good Medical Research and Good Medical Researcher Education Programs
    Research Planning, Clinical Data Analysis, Writing Medical Research Article
    Smart and Interactive Biostatistics Consultancy System: E-PICOS
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    486 Clinical Scenarios
    Biostatistics Practice on Clinical Scenarios ,
    Ethics and Research Methodology,
    CME Education Programs
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    International Integration
    Opportunity of Participation to International Research Groups

Ethical Rules

Loyalty to International research and publication ethics rules

Education and Experience

Participation to National and International working groups and Certificate Programs

Personal Trademark

Increasing Your Trademark Value and Internatıonal Awareness

National, International Standards, Applications and Certificates

MedicReS Good Biostatistical Practice, NIH Good Ethical Practice and ICMJE Good Publication Practice are taken as basis.



Good Biostatistical Practice


FDA Efficacy and Safety Guidelines

Good Ethical Practice


ICMJE Good Publication Practice

Good Publication Practice


Private Dynamic Webpage

Opportunity to join the different levels of clinical research, CME education programs and webinars of different medical specialities, to be able to receive information about international scientific activities, to be able to create personal and academic blog page and CV, to be able to contact with intenrational working groups.


Opportunity to use new generation web based clinical research calculation and decision making tools on research design, data analysis, article writing and reviewing activities.


International MedicReS AccreditationGood Medical Research Certification

32 Residency
10 Certificate
10000 Medical Researcher
486 Scenario